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Fall Drinks

This Ohio treat is perfect blended or hot, with whip or not, you can’t do it wrong.

Fall is for campfires and toasted marshmallows, we have one of those things atop the arguably the best hot chocolate ever…thank you Hartzlers!
Oh yeah, chocolate and graham crackers too!
And if you need the caffeine we can always add espresso!

it’s warm, it’s cozy, and if you love it, you know how it makes you feel.

Fall Food

Your choice of toasted bread topped with warm peanut butter, toasted pumpkin seeds and honey.

One of our most requested fall foundations. It starts with locally grown sweet potatoes, turkey sausage, egg, goat cheese and sautéed peppers and onions all rolled up in a sun-dried tomato wrap.

This salad is as beautiful as it is nutritious. It starts with locally grown sweet potatoes, beets and kale we add quinoa, goat cheese and walnuts and if you’d like, some protein for a small charge.

which is hot, fresh apples sautéed in butter, caramel and cinnamon and stuffed inside a flaky crescent crust. Drizzled with icing or caramel, whip or no.

Regular Menu


Coffee: 12 or 16 oz.

Light Roast:
Goldberrys organic Ethiopian bean. Most caffeinated with a light, slightly fruity flavor.

Medium Roast:
Sierra Norte. Goldberry has a long relationship with this farm. Together they have worked towards improving not only their coffee but also their community.

Dark Roast:
Rhema Dark is a direct trade Nicaraguan coffee perfectly roasted by Dev and Annalyn in order to share the gospel and their love of coffee.

Pour Over:
If you love black coffee and have the time, this method is for you! Human brewed for the best flavor profiles.

French Press:
Same rules apply as the pour over BUT you get more than one cup…or I guess you can share.

It changes periodically, ask us for details.

A Swiss water process roast that we offer as a pour over or French press in order to ensure freshness.


Double Shot:
Straight up, no nonsense, Goldberrys finest Black River Espresso. A blend of African and Central American coffees with notes of chocolate, orange and raisin.

2oz espresso with a dash of steamed milk. If you need a small sized pick me up, this is for you!

2oz espresso, 2oz steamed milk. This is a well-balanced, creamy delight.

A double shot of smooth, creamy espresso topped with frothed milk. Micro foam is the key for the light, airy feel of this traditional drink.

Usually a flavored beverage but can stand alone deliciously. A double shot of espresso and steamed milk. More dense and creamy than a cappuccino. Available hot or iced.

Michael’s Latte:
Our very first specialty latte! One of our favorite local vendor friends, who makes the best cinnamon sugar glazed nuts…we made this latte from the leftover dust.

Seasonal and Featured Espresso:
Changes with the wind, but always has a double shot of espresso and love from us!

OTHER LATTE FLAVORS: Boslers Honey, Ohio Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate or one of our teams favorite combos.


Rakkasaan Loose Leaf Tea Company is a veteran owned company that promotes peace and economic growth in post war countries by importing their teas from small farms at fair, not wholesale pricing.

We always have a black tea brewed but in warmer months we add an herbal or flavored tea.

We have a variety: Black, White, Green, Herbal and Chai

Chai Latte:
Spiced Chai loose leaf tea, oat milk, honey and a dash of cinnamon, it’s like a warm cozy blanket. A pure delight for your tastebuds. If you’d like a sweeter version add our house made vanilla.

London Fog:
Starts with loose leaf Earl Grey tea steeped with lavender and honey, clouded by creamy oat milk.

Not Coffee or Tea

Buckeye Smoothie:
O H…chocolate Hartzlers and natural peanut butter blended together. We borrowed from a popular Ohio dessert.

Frozen Hot Chocolate:
As refreshing as it is mind bending, you can thank Reece for that. Add mint, thank Drew.

Seasonal Slush/Smoothie:
What’s better on a hot summer day than a hand squeezed lemonade slush?? How about one that has fresh, local fruit added to it? Rolls with the seasonal items available to us. In the winter it’s a smoothie.

The juice of many oranges

When it comes to milk, Hartzlers is where it’s at! Available in Chocolate or Whole.

Oat Milk:
Our creamy delicious milk substitute.


All breakfasts are served with a side of fresh fruit.
Vegan, vegetarian or allergies? We can be creative for you as well.

Missions Breakfast Sammie:
Your choice of egg or frittata base, crisp bacon and avocado between two pieces of toast. Add spicy mayo for a delicious kick!

Roasted Red Pepper Frittata:
Roasted red peppers, and fresh mozzarella baked in two farm fresh eggs served with our lemon dill aioli on top of toasted bread.

Factory Free Oatmeal M.A.R.K. Style:
Raisins sautéed in maple syrup and applesauce on a bed of soft, warm factory free oats topped with cinnamon granola and if you truly want them Marks way add a dollop of natural peanut butter and walnuts.

Berry Fresh:
The name can be deceiving depending on the season, but this fresh fruit masterpiece won’t let you down. It starts with a base of warm, soft oats then we add whatever fruit is in season and finish it off with cinnamon granola and heavy cream.

Alli Bowl:
This dish was created by the beautiful and talented Miss Alli. It begins with a bed of roasted potatoes (traditional or Sriracha) then we add spinach, peppers, onion, turkey sausage, bacon and two eggs in the style of your choosing. All topped off with grated havarti and a seasonal sauce. (Basil Aioli in the summer and Spicy Mayo the rest of the year).

Rachel’s Quesadilla:
Two farm fresh eggs, spinach, a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses finished off with your choice of protein (Rachel’s would be turkey sausage) pressed between a Sundried tomato tortilla, served with a side of spicy sour cream and salsa.

Refried Bean Avocado:
Your choice of toast with refried black beans, avocado and Sundried tomatoes finished with a dash of pink Himalayan Sea Salt. As is or add an egg.

She likes hers with peanut butter and honey on Texas, but you can have yours with any topping you’d like. Butter, sugar and cinnamon, raisins or bananas add .50/ item

Avocado, fresh mozzarella and sliced cherry tomatoes drizzled with the sauce of the season (basil pesto or buckwheat honey balsamic). Add an egg or bacon for extra protein.

Can’t Decide?!
Ben’s Special:
Chef’s choice. In Ben’s words “make me something” he’s rarely disappointed. Just let us know if you have any allergies and we’ll do the rest.

Red Plate:
You choose, we’ll make it. Please understand there are limitations, and this will take a little more time as it will be a custom dish.


All lunches are served with a side of fresh fruit.
Vegan, vegetarian or allergies? We can be creative for you as well.

Turkey Bacon Avocado:
Peppered turkey, crisp bacon and ripe avocado on two slices of toasted bread.

Missions Club:
Bacon, honey ham and peppered turkey, fresh lettuce, juicy tomato, avocado and Mayo (regular or spicy) on three pieces of toasted bread. Definitely a club you wanna join!

Fresh lettuce and tomato atop a pile of crisp bacon with Mayo, regular or spicy between two pieces of toasted bread.

Turkey Wrap:
Aidens favorite! Peppered turkey, bacon, spinach, tomato and mozzarella rolled together in a spinach or Sundried tomato wrap.

Honey Dijon Ham Rolls:
Ham and cheddar rolled in a flaky crust and baked to perfection then drizzled with a house made Honey Dijon.

Mighty Missions Bowl:
This is a seasonal bowl packed with nutrition!! Vegan, vegetarian or meaty deliciousness.

The Basic:
Just your average house salad. Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrots. When the market is in season all veggies are local!

Our localist salad (when the market is in season). Starts with a bed of fresh spinach, topped with dried cherries, walnuts and goat cheese. Served with house made Buckwheat Honey Balsamic dressing.

Ariel’s Seasonal Salad:
The most beautiful, healthy and delicious salads. Your body will thank you for choosing them. Don’t worry, even though she’s not here we have a seasonal with instructions that’s sure to please.

*Add Protein to any salad for a small charge. Bacon, Peppered Turkey, Honey Ham, Chicken or black beans.

Housemade Dressings:
Buckwheat Honey Balsamic, White Wine Vinaigrette, Spicy or Regular Ranch, Honey Dijon or perhaps a seasonal specialty.

House made from scratch each week from October to May. Our unique take on a wide variety of classics along with some you never knew existed. We try to be kind and vary between meat eaters, vegetarians, vegan and allergen free. Served as a cup or a bowl.

Bread and Wrap Options:
Texas Toast, 12 Grain, Gluten Free and during the market season a specialty sourdough. Wraps are Sundried Tomato or Spinach.

In a hurry?! We’ve got you covered!

T-County Tart:
It’s basically a Pop Tart for grown ups. Seasonal fresh fruit compote piled inside a warm, flaky crust finished off with house made icing.

Seasonal Baked Goods:
Could be anything…most of the time it’s baked oatmeal, which is gluten free. But we have a few wonderful bakers so, we let them have creative freedom. Ask us for details.

Fresh Fruit Cup
A variety of colorful, fresh, seasonal fruit. Keep in mind it is Ohio, so we have to be creative sometimes.

Fruit and Yogurt
Creamy and protein packed vanilla Greek yogurt with seasonal fruit topped with cinnamon granola. In the winter this could turn into overnight oats.

Granola Bars:
A house made delight and fam favorite! Just one of the ways we keep you coming back.

Protein Balls:
3.58 grams of protein per pack. Perfect for a quick pick me up.